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Belt Drive Air Compressors

An important factor in purchasing one of our Sealey and Draper belt driven air compressors is knowing that it will run your required air tools. Items like nailers drills and impact wrenches require around 0=5 cfm (cubic feet per minute) at 70-90 Psi (pounds per square inch) They also may only be used for so many seconds in a minute and the air requirement to "top up" would be less than say for a continuously used air tool like a die grinder or an orbital sander that would drain the air if in continuous use. Please take this into account when purchasing. Here are some guides of average CFM(15 seconds every minute in use) at 90 psi

Allow 4 times this cfm for continuous use on the tool

  • 180mm Angle Sander 5-8 cfm
  • Brad Nailer 0.5 cfm
  • Air Cut Off Tool 4-10 cfm
  • Air Drill 3-6 cfm
  • 1/2dr Impact Wrench 4-5 cfm
  • 3/8 dr Air Ratchet 4-5cfm
  • Air Riveter 4 cfm
  • Die Grinder 4-6 cfm
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