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Air Regulators, Filters Etc

With all Draper & Sealey Air Tools you require clean air Here are some common questions & answers regarding the products in this section. Q: Why use regulators for compressed air? A: Different air tools require different air pressures, eg health & safety legislation stipulates that air blow guns MUST work at or below 30psi- whereas a large air nailer needs a minimum of 60psi & when driving larger nails up to 100psi to prevent damage to the nail driver blade. Make sure you adjust the pressure accordingly to suit the tool. Q: Why use lubricators for compressed air? A: except for spraying equipment, almost all other air tools require lubrication.
They are precision manufactured to close tolerances to maximise the power at the lightest weight and can greatly extend the life of your air tools. Would you run your car without oil? then don't risk it with your air tools!  Q: Why use filters for compressed air? A: When air is compressed, so is the water vapour in that air. This water vapour then reforms as water and can contaminate compressor tanks, air lines & very quickly rust the inside of your air tools. Q: Where should the filter/regulator be placed in the air line? A: As close to the air tool as possible, when the tool is in use. This ensures any "downstream" contaminates are removed, that the lubricating oil is correctly dispersed, and that you are operating at the correct pressure.