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Air Impact Wrenches

Draper & Sealey air impact wrenches offer different ranges for budget & product use. Here is some info on some of the terminology. Standard Hammer Commonly referred to as rocking dog hammer. Combines simplicity of construction with high level of power output. includes single hammer weight counterbalanced with hammer dog. Ideal for price competitive workshop power tools
Pin Hammer Torque delivery of a pin hammer impact wrench is steady & smooth.It has a longer life expectancy than either rocking dog or twin hammer types, usually with longer service intervals. the clutch design also provides a slight advantage in reducing vibration & noise levels. Recommended for industrial as well as tyre & garage applications. Twin Hammer twice the number of hammers, twice the hammer weight & therefore twice the energy per blow. Fast delivery of raw power with the bullet proof reliability of a standard hammer mechanism. Ideal for heavy hitting power in the tyre shop and workshop. Working & Maximum Torque The working & maximum torque figures are those developed by tightening a bolt. Ultimate Torque Is the highest bolt torque that the tool will undo within a reasonable time. It is not related to the torque to which the tool can tighten the bolt