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Draper 70547 12/24V Battery Charger

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Draper 70547 12/24V Battery Charger

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SKU: 70547

Part Number: BCHF10
Barcode: 5010559705474
Weight: 0.69kg

RRP: £39.71 (ex VAT)

RRP: £47.65 (inc VAT)

Price: £30.22 (ex VAT)

Price: £36.26 (inc VAT)

You Save: £9.49 (ex VAT)

You Save: £11.39 (inc VAT)

12/24V Battery Charger


Microprocessor controlled battery charger with high - frequency charge suitable for 50Ah - 100Ah lead - acid, Gel, AGM and MF batteries. Fitted with an LCD display screen, overheat protection, short circuit protection, over current and overcharging protection capabilities. The 'winter mode' enables the battery charger to powerfully give the battery a quick boost. Each battery charger is attached with insulated copper leads, insulated battery clips, 1.5M power cable and BS approved 3 pin plug.


Charging output: 12/24V
Input: 230V - 13A
Charging current effective: 2A, 6A, 10A
Charging current (average): 2A, 6A, 10A
Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 60mm
Weight: 0.69kg

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