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Adhesive Products

Our comprehensive range of adhesives have been split into easier to use sections. Anaerobic Adhesives have been split into Retaining, Sealing and Threadlocking and can be found in our Adhesive Types along with Contact Adhesives, Epoxy Adhesives and Quick Bonding Adhesives. We have a section on Adhesive Tapes and General Sealants including Exhaust Repair and Sealants in Cartridge Form


Offering a choice from known suppliers like Loctite, Delta Adhesives, SAS and Draper we have tried to simplify your searching by offering specific areas to search in. Threadlocking is one such category, Click into it and you can choose the type of threadlock strength you require. Two part Epoxy Adhesives offer various brands and usages to suit your requirement. Superglues are well covered with strength and size of product getting you the perfect choice. Contact Adhesives are lead by products like Evo Stik