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Draper 82457 FPM Pump Sprayer (10L)

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Draper 82457 FPM Pump Sprayer (10L)

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SKU: 82457

Part Number: EWS-10-FPM/B
Barcode: 5010559824571
Catalogue Page: #173
Weight: 2.18kg

RRP: £54.29 (ex VAT)

RRP: £65.15 (inc VAT)

Price: £52.11 (ex VAT)

Price: £62.53 (inc VAT)

You Save: £2.18 (ex VAT)

You Save: £2.62 (inc VAT)

FPM Pump Sprayer (10L)


Expert Quality, floor standing sprayer with Fluoropolymer Elastomer Rubber (FPM) seals and gaskets. These seals make FPM sprayers ideal for use with dangerous chemicals, solvents, fuel, scale removers, waterproofing agents, anti - mould solutions, oils, lubricants and the only choice for brake cleaning fluid. The 10 litre bottle capacity has an actual working capacity of 8.0 litres the other 2.0 litres is the air reserve which enables the pressurisation of the canister. Manufactured from translucent high density polyethylene and fitted with a high performance pump, adjustable spray pattern tip and a safety pressure release valve. The base skirt ensures stability in use while the carry handle and shoulder strap provide portability. Display packed.


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