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Electric Heaters

The main question we get on electric heaters are "How much does it cost"  Electricity prices vary but the following formula is a good guide. Try looking in our Infra Red Heaters and Oil Filled Radiators as alternative choices

To work out the running costs, find out what your electricity tariff is per unit. I have based this on the current UK Average Electricity Tariff price at December 2012 of 14.3p per unit. 1000watts or 1Kw will cost 14.3p per hour, so as an example a 1.5kw heater would cost 21.5p a hour.

To calculate how many btus required to heat a space, multiply the length x the width x the height. A space heater with an output of 45,000 btu/hr would heat a space of 11250ft cubed (lxwxh) If your area is for example 31,250ft cubed allow .25 btu for every foot 31250 divide by 0.25 = 125,000 btu required. This is provided as a rough guide only, you have to take into account the heater efficiency, the insulation of the building, and the amount of heat you want to rise by.


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