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Marquee Heater Accessories

These Marquee space heater accessory kits are designed to fit the Arcotherm indirect space heater range. The EC32 has a choice of 2, one with 3 metres of ducting (STANDARD) and one with 7.6 metres (BRONZE)

The EC55 and the EC85 range have a choice of four, The STANDARD with 3 metres of ducting, the BRONZE, with 7.6 metres, The SILVER, with 2 x 3 metres of ducting, 2 x standard diffusers and a 2 way splitter and the top of the range GOLD package  with 2 x 7.6 metres of ducting 2 x standard diffusers  and a 2 way splitter

All packages come with a thermostat, complete with lead, a 150mm x 500mm flue and a 150mm rain cowl. These can only be bought at the advertised prices with the inclusion of a Arcotherm indirect space heater.

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