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Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves our Feedback

First of all, if you are looking for medical quality examination gloves you are on the wrong website Ours is aimed at the workshop environment and these are our findings. Firstly, latex gloves,vinyl gloves and nitrile gloves carry a AQL standard which basically means the lower the AQL the least resistant to pinholes the glove is, in medical areas quite critical. Eg a latex glove with a AQL of 4 would be tested so that fewer than 4 defects were found in every 100. Hence the FDA set a AQL requirement of 2.5 in December 2008

This is ok for the medical world but in the workshop world we require a glove that is tear resistant and also puncture resistant Having sold pallet loads of disposable gloves our findings are that Bodyguards Disposable Gloves meet these requirements so beware of cheaper brands. Carrying a AQL of 1.5 Does not mean it is a stronger superior glove

Also please check that the wearer is not allergic to latex (Bodyguards latex gloves have low residual proteins to minimise the risk of type 1V allergies) Some users can be allergic to powder in the gloves so please be aware

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