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Torque Tools

Torque Wrenches are used to get the exact amount of pressure on a screw or bolt and are very useful when the pressure is over a large area and each fixing has the same amount of pressure to avoid warping. Here are some useful formulas for working out torque ratings
to work out Nm to ft lb multiply Nm x 0.7376
To work out ft lb to Nm multiply ft lb x 1.3558
Nm to inch pounds x 8.8508
Nm to kilogram metres x 0.1020
foot pound to inch pounds x 12
foot pound to kilogram metres x 0.1383
inch pound to kilogram metres x 0.0115
inch pound to Nm x 0.1130
inch pound to foot pounds x 0.0833
kilogram metres to foot pounds x 7.233
kilogram metres to inch pounds x 86.7964
kilogram metres to Nm x 9.8067