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Commercial Vehicle Bulbs

Commercial vehicle lighting is usually 24 volt with some at 28 volt and fork lifts running above these voltages. All can be found in the relevant bulb type (even though they are headed 24 volt the normal!) Usually packed in workshop packs of 10. Our bulbs start at Carlex contract priced bulbs a brand name of our main supplier Ring Automotive. We then have Ring Truckmaster and Truckmaster Heavy Duty.  For the different demands we also prefix to suit the operator requirement as follows:

The following codes depict the type of bulb and packaging

1.    VANEB        Carlex Contract Brand, usually packed in box of 10
2.    VANER        Ring Brand usually packed in box of 10
3.    VANERB      Ring Brand packed in individual box, in 10s for top ups of the Workshop Displays
4.    VANERTM   Ring Truckmaster OE specification for fleet users
5.    VANERLL    Ring Truckmaster Heavy Duty  designed for longest life