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DRAPER 34279 13A Socket Tester

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DRAPER 34279 13A Socket Tester

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SKU: 34279

Part Number: ST-2
Barcode: 5010559342792
Catalogue Page: #669
Weight: 0.10kg

RRP: £20.83 (ex VAT)

RRP: £25.00 (inc VAT)

Price: £11.79 (ex VAT)

Price: £14.15 (inc VAT)

You Save: £9.04 (ex VAT)

You Save: £10.85 (inc VAT)

13A Socket Tester


For testing 13A sockets for the following faults: no Earth; L and N reverse; L and E reverse; Neutral fault and Live fault. Display packed.


This tester provides an instant reading of the socket wiring - Maximum test time 60-90 seconds – Do not leave inserted into the live mains for any longer period.

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