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Pressure Washers

Here you'll find our ever growing pressure washers. From engine driven ones which are mainly use in commercial garages for cleaning the underbody's of trucks and buses to electric 1400 watt pressure washers for more domestic use which can be used to clean cars, bikes and patios. The electric pressure washers tend to come with different lanes. One is a rotary lance which is for cleaning patios whilst the other is a variable nozzle for cleaning cars and bikes. 

With the growing world around detailing on cars, more and more people are buying pressure washers, our section has a range of Sealey and Draper ones. Both come with 1 year manufacturers warranty and a range of accessories such as patio cleaning heads, snow foam bottles and extra hoses which can be found in our accessories section

We supply extra items such as cleaning chemicals and other cleaning aids such as buckets, cleaning cloths and we also do car cleaning kits which come with everything you should need.