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Hand Care Products

Because of ever increasing legislation, red sore cracked hands found in workshop environments are becoming a thing of the past. Repeated exposure to hazardous products at work, places a risk of contracting occupational dermatitis. The use of hand cleaners and creams can help to reduce that risk.

Featured here are a large range of Deb skin care products. Known as the manufacturer of Swarfega, the original handcleaner which now has a stable of related  products. Top of the list of popular products are the Deb Swarfega Dispenser Systems which helps prevent contamination of the product through other users. Also we have a range of Hand Cleaning Wipes, ideal for the mobile repair and maintenance fitters. Hand Protection Creams both pre work and after work compliment our hand cleaning range. Last but not least is our range of user specific Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners