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Draper 25155 Gardening Essentials Tool Kit

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Draper 25155 Gardening Essentials Tool Kit

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SKU: 25155

Barcode: 5059482004261
Weight: 3.75kg

RRP: £105.49 (ex VAT)

RRP: £126.59 (inc VAT)

Price: £36.95 (ex VAT)

Price: £44.34 (inc VAT)

You Save: £68.54 (ex VAT)

You Save: £82.25 (inc VAT)

Gardening Essentials Tool Kit


Make gardening easy with this special tool kit. An essential and versatile collection of gardening tools consisting of a hand fork, hand cultivator, hand trowel, soft-grip secateurs and a pruning knife. For comfort, the kit is supplied with a pair of gardening gloves and a garden kneeler. And instead of making several trips to your shed or struggling to carry all the gardening tools at once, there is even a gardeners tool cart supplied, creating a go-to place for storing and transporting your garden tools, and when a sneaky sit down is required, the garden tool cart doubles up as a garden seat. A blooming marvellous collection of gardening items for maintaining gardens in pristine condition.

1 x Gardeners tool cart
1 x Kneeler
1 x Hand fork, cultivator and trowel set
1 x Soft grip secateurs (200mm)
1 x Pruning knife
1 x Medium size gardening gloves


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