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Impressive cleaning performance from these abrasive-grit impregnated nylon-filament cleaning brushes

15th October 2021

The traditional wire brush works well for cleaning and removing corrosion but Laser Tools has brought the wire brush into the 21st century — this set of five nylon-filament brushes (part number 8133) are impregnated with abrasive grit and allow the easy removal of rust or paint. They are ideal for deburring and finishing — the abrasive filaments offer a cleaning action on the side of the brush as well as straight-on.

Fitted with a quick-chuck, 6mm shank, the set includes circular brushes (75mm & 100mm) to reach into grooves and right angles, a 24mm end brush, a 50mm cup brush for use on flat surfaces and a 100mm split brush for curved or uneven surfaces. They are non-sparking, meaning that they will not rust and are safer to handle than a conventional wire brush. High-performance rust and corrosion removal

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