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Tesla brake reservoir bleeder caps for Models 3, S and X

16th November 2021

Electric cars may not need to be filled up with petrol but they still need to be serviced. Laser Tools are well known for their special service tools and for being the first to bring them to market — the latest are these brake bleed caps for the Tesla models 3 (part number 8015), S and X (part number 8016). Specially designed to allow Laser Tools pressure bleeders to be securely connected to the Tesla brake master cylinder reservoir and allow the technician to bleed the Tesla brake system using the manufacturer’s recommend method of pressure bleeding.
Both caps are quick and simple to attach and seal and feature an innovative user-adjusted expanding radial seal to ensure effective pressure sealing. The adaptor connection is designed to work with Laser Tools pressure bleeders, part numbers: 75155629 and 5642. The adaptor will rotate through 360° facilitate the setting up of the brake bleeder.

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