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Recovery & Towing

According to the AA the top 10 causes for breakdowns are as follows
1 Flat or Faulty Batteries Bad Terminal & Clamp Connections. Jump Leads may save you here
2 Lost Keys Always carry a spare set, not in the car, you may be locked out!
3 Flat/Damaged Tyre or wheelsCheck tyre pressures, tread depth, Look for uneven wear. Check rim for damage
4 Alternator Faults Battery problems & dimming lights on low revs could indicate this problem. A red warning light and rise in temperature may indicate a broken belt STOP

5 Starter Motor Can sometimes "stick" or find a dead spot.Can sometimes be cleared by "Rocking the car" in 2nd gear
6 Distributor Cap Moisture, dirt, or a fine crack may be the culprit. A temporary cure may be a spray with a "WD40" Type product
7 Running out of Fuel or putting the wrong fuel in, Make sure if it is not your car, you know what fuel it takes
8 Clutch Cables The clutch cable is under high stress. Abrasions will weaken the strands until they break. Replace at first sign of wear
9 Spark Plugs Never run spark plugs over their service intervals
10 HT Leads Moisture & Dirt again,especially in damp conditions,"WD40" type sprays may help as a temporary repair