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Booster Cables, Jump Leads

Using Jump Leads Safely

  • Follow the manufacturers procedure if you have model specific instructions
  • Never attempt to jump start a battery that is leaking or has cracks
  • Avoid smoking or naked flames when attempting to jump start
    Using Jump Leads
  • Check the vehicles are the same voltage, and are close enough together but not touching, to be able to use the jump leads and the ignitions are off
  • Use the Red jump lead on the good battery positive terminal and connect to the flat battery positive terminal
  • Now connect the black jump lead to the negative terminal on the good battery and then connect the remaining end to a good earthing point on the engine or chassis of the the flat vehicle.
  • With everything connected wait 3-4 minutes to equalise the voltages
  • Now start the engine on the good vehicle and run for a minute or so. With the engine still running, start the other vehicle and run both for ten minutes on a fast idle speed.
  • Do not disconnect the jump leads until you have turned the ignition off both vehicles, then take the jump leads off in the reverse order to how they were connected.
  • Do not let the jump leads get hot, Turn off both engines and allow the leads to cool.