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First Aid Products

First aid kits can be found here from simple 1 person pouch kits up to 50 person factory kits. Plasters & eye wash stations feature here also.

First Aid Kits BS8599-1 Compliant


New Rules state that it is now not down to the number of people present but also the risk factor of the workplace. Here is a simple GUIDE ONLY to those requirements

Low Risk Eg, Shops,offices: Less than 25 people: 1 Small Kit. 25-100: 1 Medium Kit. More than 100: 1 Large Kit

High Risk Eg Light Engineering, Warehousing: Less than 5 people: 1 Small Kit: 5-25: 1 Medium Kit: More than 25: 1 Large Kit per 25 employees

Look for the BS-8599-1 Compliant Headers on products to Comply. We also supply upgrade kits to suit


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