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Site Boxes

We can now offer site boxes, van boxes and truck boxes in various levels of security. Our favoured supplier Armorgard have given us this opportunity. One thing that we have learned through the years is the Length/ Width of the box is often critical to the space available so we have simplified your choice by groupng them in different sizes.

Quality of Build: Simple, Choose Armorgard: Choose from the 3 below

Strongbank: Top of the tree, the strongest and most robust on the market

Tuffbank: Armorgards most popular range, cost effective and tough

OxBox: Armorgard pitch these as medium duty tool vaults for lower risk and budgets (Great Value)

One product that we believe stands out a country mile is the Armorgard BarroBox, giving the site user full portablity from vehicle to site and back.

For your hazardous chemical and liquid storage look into our section on Secure Hazardous Storage.