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DRAPER 70043 3-in-1 Multi-Process Welder Dti, 200A

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DRAPER 70043 3-in-1 Multi-Process Welder Dti, 200A

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SKU: 70043

Part Number: MW200A
Barcode: 5059482015137
Weight: 14.30kg

RRP: £438.88 (ex VAT)

RRP: £526.66 (inc VAT)

Price: £347.97 (ex VAT)

Price: £417.56 (inc VAT)

You Save: £90.91 (ex VAT)

You Save: £109.09 (inc VAT)

DRAPER 3-in-1 Multi-Process Welder Dti, 200A


Highly versatile multi-function 3-in-1 welder (MIG/MMA/TIG) that can be used as a gas/gasless welder. Its compact design powerful IGBT inverter technology to create a very efficient machine that is optimised for improved productivity and ease of use. Lightweight and portable design, with carry handle.

1 x TIG torch (3m cable)
1 x 200A Electrode holder
1 x 300A Earth clamp
1 x 0.8 and 1 x 1.0mm contact tips
1 x AK15 Euro MIG torch (3m cable)
1 x Gas hose (2m)
1 x Chipping hammer/wire brush
1 x Face mask


Amperage range: 30-200A (MIG), 20-200A (MMA), 20-200A (TIG)
Power supply: 230V
Plug Fitted: NO (32A PLUG REQUIRED)
MMA Electrode size: 1.6-5.0mm
MIG Wire size: 0.6-1.2mm
Flux core wire: 0.6-1.2mm
Duty cycle: 60% @200A / 100% @160A
Dimensions: 420 x 205 x 300mm
Weight (net): 13.7kg
Euro Torch Connector/Dinse Type Coupling: 10/25
Includes MIG & TIG Torches & Electrode Holder: YES
IGBT Inverter Technology: YES
Anti-Spatter Feature: YES
Digital Display: YES

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