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Battery Starters & Chargers

The Sealey Superstart Starter Charger range cover the medium to large garage or workshop from car use up to PSV and commercial vehicles.In the 200 - 400 amp range, the 2 workhorses are the Superstart320 and the 420, with the best duty cycle, offering better cooling which in turn will maintain the specified amperages for longer periods before cutting out.
The Superstart 520, 620 and 1020 feature a fast charge timer device to enable rapid battery recovery with a reduced risk of boiling the battery. The 1020 requires a 3 phase supply and has a remote start facility, ideal for working on commercial vehicles. In our Recovery and Towing Section you can find portable power packs and booster cables, also known as jump leads. Recently added is the American Schumacher 350 amp PWI70300 which boasts fantastic features and build quality.


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