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LED Lenser Professional Lighting

Welcome to our new section on LED Lenser Lighting. These are the lights that stand out from the crowd, built with the finest German engineering to assure quality and reliability. Just to help you a little we have categorised the torches by maximum lumen output. This however is a guide as other factors come into place to depict the distance of a beam and optics like focusing, lens quality and spread of beam. Please note products with an R in them are usually a rechargeable lamp. If you are buying a battery version please check out the battery type is compatible with you. Other useful specs to look out for are the IPX rating a guide to how waterproof they are, and the run time which is the average amount of time the product will run to one lumen, a measure of lumen is approx. the equivalent of a full moon seen from an open field in a clear sky. Now go and have a look at the award winning head torches and the flagship 1000 lumen plus section.