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Trolley Jacks

Listed below are trolley jacks from 1.3 ton up to 30 tonnes. The first job is to decide what weight you want to lift. Features to look out for are Aluminium Jacks, light for motorsport people. Quick Lift or Rocket Lift which will bring the lifting arm into contact with the jacking point with just a couple of strokes rather than pumping all the way. Low entry is another type which would suit low clearance vehicles.Long Reach if your jacking point is a long way in and required for use of the jacking lever.High lift trolley jacks are suitable for 4x4 and other vehicles requiring high ground clearance
A trolley jack,scissor jack etc is a lifting device and is not designed to support a load. Failure to use axle stands may cause serious injury or death

Trolley Jacks may need topping up with jack oil & bleeding. These informative videos shows the procedure on how to do this.(Sealey 3000CXD is shown in the video) The method of operating the release valve may vary on different models but the method is basically the same.